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I Drink Every Evening Because I Feel Lonely

I would binge drink most nights (6/7 days) to temporarily improve my mood and enable me to pass out easily. In other words, I was using it to self-medicate myself instead of facing any real issues. Sometimes boredom in sobriety looks like not wanting to be around anyone. We want to isolate and sit with our feelings.

This is a brilliant and FREE podcast of guided runs that very gradually build up, until before you know it you can run for 30 minutes without stopping. Now I’ve reclaimed my weekends, I decided to make the most of my newfound time and energy by running. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’d definitely suggest trying to find something you love that you had neither the time or the energy for after drinking. You could start out with 15 minute workouts  or it could be something non-exercise related such as baking or simply arranging more early morning outings with the kids. When it’s safe for you to do so, go bowling. It’s a stimulating, challenging, and competitive way to spend a weekend night.

One Year Sober!

Rachel Getting Married
Anne Hathaway is amazing in this film! It’s one of those painfully raw, realistic films – that almost feels like a documentary. Although she’s living in a rehab centre, she’s allowed to go home for her sister’s wedding – where she causes total chaos. First up, I read Catherine Grey’s The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober. This best-selling book has been everywhere in the last couple of years. Find a local chapter of Toastmasters and confront your fear of public speaking (or fine-tune your already-fabulous skill!).

bored without alcohol

Getting sober is like learning to walk again after a terrible accident. You should be able to go about living your life without drinking alcohol, but you feel utterly useless and have no idea what to do with yourself. When we’ve quit drinking, alcohol is no longer a choice. It cannot be part of our decision making process any more. When we get bored, drinking is not one of the options we have to relieve that boredom. The activity of drinking is not a fun, exciting, or interesting activity.

Sobriety itself isn’t boring

Think of the experience as meditation, such as “bus-waiting meditation,” and turn it into an opportunity for breathing exercises. Take time to reflect on an aspect of your life for which you feel grateful. Approach the experience as a journalist or scientist, exploring what specifically is fueling your boredom. These tricks and others can reframe the moment. Boredom is a state of failing to find meaning, which is a deeply uncomfortable feeling.

  • If you’ve created an entire social life around drinking, it is natural to be afraid of life without it.
  • Boredom indicates that a current activity or situation isn’t providing engagement or meaning—so that the person can hopefully shift their attention to something more fulfilling.
  • Facing your unhappy thoughts can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to need a break or a distraction from time to time.
  • Write it out or talk it out with a friend (or your voice memos app).

As we grow up, we’re told—at every turn—that drinking helps you cope, and is otherwise so much fun. In more severe cases, drinking out of boredom can lead to severe alcohol abuse disorders. Starting to drink gradually might be considered normal or appropriate, but it can quickly create drinking out of boredom a dependence and lead to a severe drinking problem. I used to believe the lie that life would be boring if I didn’t drink. That I would be boring when I went out to events and gatherings. That I would be bored and suffer through situations if I wasn’t properly lubricated with alcohol.

Being Sober is so Boring Because Your Life Revolves Around Alcohol

Boredom has the capacity to spark creative ideas and launch new projects. For children, boredom can propel new routes of play and self-entertainment, which can help develop creativity, self-reliance, and relationship skills. Making an activity more intense can make it seem more exciting. For that reason, trying to complete a work task quickly may curb boredom at work. Research shows that paying employees per unit of work, which incentives speed, boosts motivation and output. When Love Is Not Enough – The Lois Wilson Story
An interesting film based on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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